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Capacitive Presentation Clicker
MaKey MaKey / Arduino code optimized for capacitive touch sensing on left/right buttons.
Ideal for use with presentation software such as PowerPoint.

Capacitive touch is a technique for detecting touch on a surface, without the user having to be grounded. This technique is used with the MaKey MaKey Arduino sketch code to turn a touch into keyboard input. In this case we raise the Left and Right arrow keystrokes, as these are typically used by presentation software, such as PowerPoint, to "go forward" and "go backwards". In essence, we are creating a "presentation clicker" out of whatever conductive surfaces we want, such as Apples and Bananas, or custom made metal company logos... the possibilities are endless.

For information about the capacitive touch technique used here, see:

This code is based on the MaKey MaKey 1.4.1 sketch code, with the capacitive touch code added. Many details have been stripped down and optimized to have solid performance for these needs. (If anyone has ideas on how to make this capacitive touch code performant enough to handle many more sensors in a responsive fashion, I'm all ears.)

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Check out for an updated project which not only allows you to customize your own capacitive touch inputs, but also combine this feature with other features like multiple keys per input, and reversing polarity.

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